Tutorial - Hint System

Required plugins

Just install like any other plugin. If you're unsure on how to do it, please check the plugin installation tutorial.

Test the plugin
Open any event on you project and click to add a comment:

Then, add the [hint] command, followed by a two additional lines - one for the title and one for the message:

Click OK, save and run the game. Start a new game and move the player close to that event. It should look like this:

This plugin is very simple to use. Just like you did when you tested the plugin, you add hints to events by using the [hint] command inside comments. Then, you add additional lines to add content to the hint! The first line is always the title, and the following lines compose the hint message.

Hints will remain visible while the player is in range and the page where the hint is remains active. If you switch the page, the hint will be deleted (and perhaps a new one will be created, if the new page contains another hint).

Offline Version
A pdf for this tutorial can be found here (thanks to New Quest Gaming).