The Foggy Time update!

Hi everyone! Updates now will be released on update packs, which may or may not include an update to the main script - that means some updates can be entirely downloaded from here (the main thread)! Also, updates on the main script or sensitive add-ons (closed source) will be packed together so you won't need to re-download the main script every update. I hope you like the first pack!

KCL 1.02 | The Khas Core Library was updated to 1.02 in order to fix a bug with region tags outside the script range. Everything works fine now.

Ultra Fog | The Ultra Fog script adds a fog layer to your game! It's very easy to use and very functional. The fog layer movement is relative to the map and support float velocities, so it looks more realistic and fancy than other scripts. Also, there's support for Graphics Settings, so users can control it.

Vlue's Advanced Game Time Integration | This add-on makes AGT flawlessly compatible with Ultra Lighting!

Lighting on/off quick fix | This is a quick fix if you're using [lighting on] or [lighting off] on your map notetags and it isn't working. This fix will be implemented on the next version of the Khas Ultra Lighting main script.

Khas Ultra Lighting

Khas Ultra Lighting Preview

Khas Ultra Lighting will be released on 08.21.2015!
Here is the video preview :D






Hello Everybody!

    I'm so happy today! I made some great steps on my voxel engine, and I will post a video as soon as I finish my dynamic chunk loading system. Oh, and about the videos, the first one will be in Portuguese, and then the next will be in English, and so on... Stay tuned to my youtube channel!
    Today I've added building commands (similar to minecraft), so I can start building the game's worlds! Here's a pic of a house in my ugly test world :D

    Happy new year to everyone!
    Thanks for the support so far :D


Olá pessoal!

    Estou feliz pacas hoje! Eu obtive grandes progressos com a minha engine, e então postarei um vídeo assim que acabar o meu sistema de carregamento dinâmico de Chunks. Sobre os vídeos, o primeiro será em português, o segundo em inglês, e assim por diante. Inscrevam-se no meu canal do youtube!

    Hoje eu adicionei comandos de construção (similares ao minecraft), então posso construir os mundos do meu game! Abaixo está uma foto de uma casa no meu mundo de testes :D

    Feliz ano novo pra todos vocês!
    Muito obrigado pelo suporte :D

Update #03 - Merry Christmas! Feliz Natal! An add-on for SAS IV!


Hello Everybody!

    Since @zellron and many of you guys wanted an kind of Shield/Block add-on to Sapphire Action System, I decided to make it! I made it yesterday, and recorded me while I was scripting. However, youtube messed up the whole video after I uploaded it to my channel. I recorded it with a superb quality on 1366x768 (the resolution of my monitor), and youtube ruined it. Anyway, the code is below the Portuguese version of this post, be sure to paste it after the SAS script! I hope you like it :D

    Merry Christmas to you guys, and stay awesome!


Olá pessoal!

    Como o @zellron e muitos de vocês pediram um add-on de bloquear ataques pro Sapphire Action System, eu decidi fazê-lo! Eu o escrevi ontem, e gravei tudo enquanto fazia o código. Porém, o youtube deixou a qualidade do vídeo toda zuada. Eu gravei com uma qualidade ótima em 1366x768, mas depois de upar pro youtube ficou horrível! Todavia, o código está logo abaixo, cole-o depois do script do SAS! Eu espero que gostem :D

    Feliz natal para todos vocês, fiquem bem!