Terms of Use

Terms of Use II - RPG Maker MV
Last updated: January 20, 2017

The Terms of Use II apply to all my RPG Maker MV plugins.

If you want to use my RPG Maker MV plugins with a free RPG Maker game, you can do it for free and there's no need to contact me. I only ask you to give credit to "Khas" or "Khas Custom Scripts" somewhere in your game. You may include my blog url if you want.

However, my RPG Maker MV plugins are NOT FREE for COMMERCIAL use. If you want to use any of them on a commercial title, please email me. Alternatively, you may help me to achieve a Patreon goal to make all of them free for commercial use!

Terms of Use I - RPG Maker VX/VX Ace
Last updated: May 16, 2015

The Terms of Use I apply and override the original terms of the following scripts: Arc Engine (VX Ace), Awesome Light Effects (VX Ace), Pathfinder (VX Ace), Pixel Movement (VX - VX Ace), Sapphire Action System IV + Add-ons (VX Ace), Self Switches (VX Ace) and Smooth Sliding (VX Ace).

If a script is not listed above, these terms do not apply and it may require the user to purchase a license to use. Please check that script for it's own terms of use.

When using any of the listed scripts, you agree with the following terms:
1. You must give credit to Khas (you may provide a link to this blog if you want);
2. You can use the listed scripts for free in both non-commercial and commercial projects;
4. You can use or edit the listed scripts for using in your own project/game and distribute it. However, you are not allowed to distribute/share any modified version (as a script/script pack);
5. You can’t give credit to yourself for posting any Khas script;
6. If you want to share a Khas script, don’t post the direct download link - redirect the user to this blog instead.