Khas Core Library

    This is the Khas Core Library (KCL), an essential script which contains powerful techniques shared between my new systems. It also aims to enhance compatibility and reliability. You will only need to use this script if it's required by another script. Please check this page for updates!

KCL 1.03 (12.07.2016) - Latest Version!
Improved Khas notetag system (support for negative numbers)
Included scene map spriteset access

KCL 1.02 (09.27.2015)
Fixed some issues with regions that are not used by this script.

KCL 1.01 (08.23.2015)
Added Min_Region_Height constant. This makes possible to choose a custom range of Regions to use as height marks.

KCL 1.0 (03.14.2015)
First release!