Khas Advanced Fog

This is one of my graphics enhancement plugins for RPG Maker MV! The fog on this script is procedurally generated, completely processed by your graphics card with GLSL shaders.

Current version highlights
Here's the latest update for Advanced Fog! I've implemented new features and solved some important problems. The full list of changes is below:
* Added "Transfer Reset" parameter
* Added "Auto Battle Fog" parameter
* Added colored fog
* Fixed bug "pixi cannot read property 'location' of undefined"
* Fixed bug with uppercase OFF in [fog OFF]

This plugin requires WebGL. There’s no way around this.
Old save files will not work correctly with this plugin.

Easy to use 
Effects are rendered using GLSL shaders
Comes with 3 fogs. You can easily add more
Dynamic fog
Variable fog density around the player
Colored fog
Battle fog

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Required Plugins

You can download the Master Demo or all my plugins here (click me!).

Tutorial - How to install/use
Please carefully read this tutorial before using!
Additionally, you may download the demo to study and see the plugin in action.