Khas Graphics Library

    The Khas Graphics Library (KGL) is a custom graphics library (inspired by OpenGL) for RPG Maker, written on C++ and compiled into a dynamic-link library (dll), accessed by a Ruby API. It's very lightweight and heavily optimized, delivering a stunning performance, much faster than the standard RGSS graphic related functions.

    It also contains unique functions for image manipulation, like masking/clipping mask and skew. This is possible because KGL has built-in vertex/fragment shaders (a shader is basically a small program to process images - read more here), which runs seamlessly during gameplay. Also, these shaders run on the CPU, resulting on a very stable graphics library.

    Currently the KGL's main purpose is to power the Khas Ultra Lighting script (which will be available soon). Further expansion of the library is planned, including a comprehensive user guide.

Main Features
Lightweight code
Built-in shaders
Very stable
Fast bitmap manipulation

Current Version (script): 2.0 (01/22/2017)
Current Version (library): 2.0 (01/22/2017)
Download: Script - Library File