How to install plugins

Plugins are javascript (.js) files that modify or add new features to your game. For this tutorial, we'll be installing the KhasCore.js plugin, which is required by all my plugins.

1) Copy the downloaded plugin

2) Paste the plugin under the js/plugins folder in your project

3) Now open your project in RPG Maker MV and open the Plugin Manager

3) All the installed plugins will be listed here (and the order matters!). You can add plugins by double-clicking anywhere, or delete any of them by pressing Delete. For this tutorial, double-click anywhere to add a new plugin. This window will show up:

4) Click on the dropdown to select the plugin you want to add (KhasCore). All the plugins under the js/folder will appear here.

5) Once you've selected the plugin, its information will appear and you may click Ok to add it

6) You can right-click any plugin to edit it, if you want. In addition, you can drag them to change their order.

7) When you're done, click Ok to close the Plugin Manager and save all changes.

8) That's all! You may check all my available plugins for MV here (click me!).