The Foggy Time update!

September 27, 2015

Hi everyone! Updates now will be released on update packs, which may or may not include an update to the main script - that means some updates can be entirely downloaded from here (the main thread)! Also, updates on the main script or sensitive add-ons (closed source) will be packed together so you won't need to re-download the main script every update. I hope you like the first pack!

KCL 1.02 | The Khas Core Library was updated to 1.02 in order to fix a bug with region tags outside the script range. Everything works fine now.

Ultra Fog | The Ultra Fog script adds a fog layer to your game! It's very easy to use and very functional. The fog layer movement is relative to the map and support float velocities, so it looks more realistic and fancy than other scripts. Also, there's support for Graphics Settings, so users can control it.

Vlue's Advanced Game Time Integration | This add-on makes AGT flawlessly compatible with Ultra Lighting!

Lighting on/off quick fix | This is a quick fix if you're using [lighting on] or [lighting off] on your map notetags and it isn't working. This fix will be implemented on the next version of the Khas Ultra Lighting main script.